Within this section, you'll find all the artist and titles of the fine StS Music
All songs will be listed in the order they are played within the episodes!

Episode 1
  Artist Title Homepage
  "Lord of the Rings" Requim of a Dream http://www.howardshore.com
  Final Fantasy 9 Boss Battle Theme http://www.squaresoft.com
  Final Fantasy 8 Final Fight Theme http://www.squaresoft.com
  OC Remix Sonic CD - DaBoom http://www.ocremix.org
  Serious Sam Fight Theme Nr.2 http://www.croteam.com
  Laibach Deus Ex Machina http://www.laibach.nsk.si
  OC Remix Sonic CD - LilBlueBastard http://www.ocremix.org
  Maryln Manson Resident Evil Movie Theme http://www.residentevil.com

Episode 2
  Artist Title Homepage
  Oomph! Unsere Rettung http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! Bastard http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! Im Licht http://www.oomph.de
  OC Remix Sonic 1 - Collision http://www.ocremix.org
  Amon Amarth Death in Fire http://www.amonamarth.com
  Oomph! Im Licht (Hidden Track) http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! Foil http://www.oomph.de
Episode 3
  Artist Title Homepage
  Oomph! Kill me again http://www.oomph.de
  True Crime OST *UNKNOWN* http://www.truecrime.com
  Oomph! Foil http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! Dopamin http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! Viel zu tief http://www.oomph.de
  Blind Guardian Blood on my hands http://www.blind-guardian.com
  Andreas Vollenweider Jours d'Amour http://www.vollenweider.net

Episode 4
  Artist Title Homepage
  Papa Roach Gettin' Away with murder http://www.paparoach.com
  Oomph! Decubitus Vulgaris http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! Down in this whole http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! Wunschkind http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! I.N.R.I vs. Jahwe http://www.oomph.de
  Within Temptation Stand my Ground http://www.within-temptation.com
  Oomph! Alptraum d. Kindheit http://www.oomph.de
  MegaMan X5 MegaMan3 Boss Remix http://www.capcom.com
  Oomph! Mind over matter http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! Scorn http://www.oomph.de

Episode 5
  Artist Title Homepage
  Snake River Conspiracy Lovesong www.snakeriverconspiracy.com
  Static X Permanence http://www.static-x.com
  Max Payne 2 Winterson Theme http://www.maxpayne.com
  Oomph! Alptraum d. Kindheit http://www.oomph.de
  Oomph! Im Licht http://www.oomph.de
  Devildriver I could care less http://www.devildriver.com
  Samsas Traum Der Fährmann RMX http://www.utopia-ist-ueberall.de
  Samsas Traum Ein Foetus wie du! http://www.utopia-ist-ueberall.de
  Samsas Traum F.M.N.F. http://www.utopia-ist-ueberall.de
  Samsas Traum Die Hoffung stribt zuletzt http://www.utopia-ist-ueberall.de
  Oomph! Hast du geglaubt http://www.oomph.de