Those are the most asked questions I received via e-mail:

Q. Could you send me the program you use for StS or tell me where to get it?
A. and I am sorry NO I can't send you a copy of my well earned software!

Q. When is the next / ep.x coming out?
A. Sorry I don't know when it will, since my life is really taking up much of my free time, but stay tuned, the next one WILL come ;).

Q. Can I be a part of the StS Crew?
A. Sorry again -_- but I do my stuff mostly by myself, to keep the ideas of StS untouched.

Q. Can you send me your sprites?
A. is your friend here!

Q. Can I host your movies?
A. Sure thing, take em! Even I doubt most of you'll gonna credit me :(

Q. Could delete this character and replace it with a new one?
A. Nope

Q. Could you send me your script?
A. Ehm... sure, but you'd need to cut off my head to get it, want a slice?

Q. Where do you get your ideas from?
A. Mostly from music, not by the lyrics but by the tunes. Did you ever closed your eyes and REALLY listend to the music?

Q. The Music is awesome, could you send it?

Q. Why is your english so... f*cked up?
A. Well, in germany you don't speak english too often right? But since I speak 50% english in my job by now, it'll be better, promise ;)

Q. I need more informations, could you surply me with some?
A. Try our FORUM, it's THE StS Source #1!

Q. Could you make me a flash?
A. It depends on the idea and work that'll come along!