Our hero and fighter for justice. He is the only one who survived the masacre of MekkakuSonikku. Even his Super form was unable to stop Mekkaku. Now he found a master in Sparkster to teach him the only weapon which could defeat the worst thing "alive". But that will take a while and alot of training.

Sonic is able to transform into SuperSonic, but after Mekkaku found out how to counter his transformation, he won't be able to use his Super form for a while.

Mekkaku Sonikku, Metal Sonic, Metalix

Mekkaku is one of the most brilliant inventions of Dr. Eggman. He was made out of Sonic's data, to be a true double of Sonic. Even it is a powerful weapon, it failed to defeat Sonic. After Eggman hardly made it off the little Planet alive, Mekkaku was dumped and so his "ego" developed.

It was designed to be upgraded, but Eggman never finished it, so it will do it, after it took control over the Eggbase. So Mekkaku comes to it's deadly and unbeatable saber.

Sparkster and Black Knight
Sparkster is a well known and honourable knight. He often had to rescue his beloved princess from the claws of evil. His ability to fly makes him the most famous flying knight ever. But his skills are not perfect yet.

He's still trained by the mystical Black Knight, who he likes to call Master. After his master was killed by Mekkaku he swore to his dying master that he will revenge him, with his very own sword... which is now in Sonic's hands. Sparkster will train Sonic in this epic drama.

Earthworm Jim "EWJ"
He has no sword nor is he interested to become a swordsman, but he is one of it's kind when you talk about shooting. One day, Earthworm decided to help Samus to kill Ridley once and forall. As they reached him, they were not only caught by him, but also by Mekkaku. They killed Samus but Jim was able to escape. By his search for help. He met Sonic and Sparkster and so he join the team. He's very usefull for powerful backup actions.
Wolverine "Wolv"
The lonesome rider you could say.Wolverine is more deadly than any other swordsman and even he does NOT use a sword, his handclaws can do equal damage. On his hunt for Onslaught he also got into a fight with Mekkaku and his honor forced him to fight him until death. Luckiely Sonic and his team came in time to get him out of trouble.
He was furiouse about his rescue, but promised to help them as far as they needed him.
The arch enemy of Samus. This beast was not able to kill her alone, but Mekkaku promised it to help killing her. As an exchange Mekkaku wanted it to join Mekkaku's army of metalwarrior. After the cruel deed Ridley joined forces with Mekkaku. .
After a rather small fight with Wolverine, Onslaught met Mekkaku. Even he didn't trusted the small "weak" machine, he joined forces with it. He's planing to trick it into a trap as soon as it killed all his enemies without any sweat.